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Wordpress for Small Business: Top 7 Reasons to Redesign Your Website

Author: Studio Umbrella

Is your website stale and outdated? Here are the top 7 reasons why you should redesign your website using Wordpress for small business in 2020.

Wordpress for Small Business: Top 7 Reasons to Redesign Your Website

Wordpress is a versatile software platform for creating websites and could be the perfect way for you to get the website redesign you need for your small business. 

Good web design makes an impact on your business, whether you realize it or not. If your current site is outdated or difficult to navigate, giving it a reboot can help attract more people and keep them on your page longer.

If you're wondering what's so great about Wordpress, keep reading to learn seven reasons why you should use Wordpress for your business's website.

1. Engaging Consumer Experience

Customers want a website that looks good and is easy to use. Statistics show that 38% of people won't stick around on a website if it looks bad.

With Wordpress, you can create an engaging website that functions well. It's easy to create a clean layout with easy navigation so visitors can find the information or products they want.

You can also add extra functionality to engage consumers even more and there is a multitude of plugins out there to save development time, for instance, to create forms, to improve SEO, to capture emails, etc.

Having a responsive website makes it easier for mobile users who are searching for a business like yours. Responsive design means your business website automatically optimizes itself based on the screen the consumer is using. It's especially important when someone accesses your site from a phone or tablet.

Improving the overall design and functionality of your website with Wordpress can help you get more visitors to stay on your page. That gives them more time to become familiar with you, trust your brand, and decide to make a purchase.

2. Attractive Design

Wordpress allows for a wide range of designs and templates that give your website a professional look.

Clean, minimal websites are often the best option for professional purposes. It allows your content and images to be the focus when someone lands on your website.

You can customize the colors and images used on the website to get the look you want. This lets you create a consistent look for your company on your website and on other designs you use, such as printed materials.

3. Versatile Use Options

Wordpress uses an open-source format. That means any developer can contribute to the software.

Because so many different people contribute to the software, you get a wide range of options. Wordpress is very versatile and lets you add customized elements to your site based on how you want it to work.

The contributions from developers come in different forms but mainly in developing plugins. Wordpress plugins are extra pieces of code you can add to your Wordpress site and add specific functionality to the website.

Examples of plugins that enhance the user experience include social media links, forums, and e-commerce stores. They can also help you on the backed with things such as SEO, improved site performance, or spam control.

4. Improved SEO

Using search engine optimization methods on your website makes it easier to find. More traffic equals more potential sales, so all business owners should be concerned about SEO.

Wordpress is highly compatible with SEO best practices. SEO plugins guide you to making better choices to improve your rankings in search results.

5. Secure Option

Having a secure website is necessary for your business reputation. If your website is easily susceptible to hacking, your visitors may show up to find inappropriate content or even dangerous viruses. 

If you have an ecommerce store, security is even more important. Customers rely on a safe interface for entering personal information and credit card numbers.

Wordpress delivers a secure platform for businesses of all sizes. Regular updates address new cyberthreats as they arise and Wordpress developers are constantly making improvements to the platform to make it run even better.

So by having the latest version of Wordpress, you cut your chances of cyberattacks. You also ensure everything continues to work correctly.

But you need to have a game plan to ensure everything is safe, constantly monitored and backed up in case of catastrophe. 

6. Blog Integration

Wordpress is flexible in how you use it. You can create a regular website using Wordpress, but you can also use it as a blog or incorporate a blog component into your site.

Blogging is a powerful way to add content marketing to your arsenal. Your blog posts give you more space to add in keywords and use SEO to attract more people.

You can use your blog to showcase your expertise, which helps build trust with potential customers.

It also gives visitors the information they want when they're searching for something specific.

Blog posts can also help keep visitors on your site. Statistics show that 47% of consumers read three to five content pieces before they reach out to a sales rep.

By adding a blog component to your Wordpress site, you give those consumers the content they want before reaching out. You can tailor your blog posts to encourage visitors to take specific actions you want.

7. Easy for Web Developers

Not feeling up to designing your own Wordpress business website? Wordpress uses coding that any web designer can use easily. That means you can have your choice of web developers with confidence that they can handle Wordpress.

The platform is also easy for other users. Once your designer gets your website running, you can handle small changes or add blog posts without any help.

If you need more work done on your website down the road, you can choose a different web developer if you want, knowing that any of them can handle working with Wordpress.

Use Wordpress for Small Business Websites

Using Wordpress for small business websites is one of the most popular options available to business owners. It's a versatile platform that's easy to use, and it offers many features that create an easy, engaging user experience.

Are you ready to have a Wordpress site designed for your business? Check out our services to see all the ways we help businesses improve their web presence.


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