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Why Design Matters, and How You Can Improve Yours

Author: Ronen Hirsch

Planning your sitemap and investing in a clear and effective design will make your website a success.

Why Design Matters, and How You Can Improve Yours Image Pexels
Image Pexels

At this moment in time, it is a given that any business you interact with will have a website, the quality of which could vary greatly. The definition of a quality website is a contested subject, with emphasis being given to different factors for a number of different reasons, but regardless of how you define it, quality web design has impacts that go beyond how your website looks.

Although the standards for quality for web design vary from person to person, there are consistent elements that you will see on the websites of top performing businesses across dozens of industries. In our time serving as a trusted digital partner, and during our rise through the ranks of the web designers in Los Angeles, we have identified some tactics that help ensure a robust and effective digital presence for businesses of all shapes and sizes.

Home, Sweet Home…. Page

First off, if you don’t count your website’s home page as one of the most important aspects of your digital presence, then you’re doing it wrong. Ensuring that your clients are able to find you is one of the most important objectives of any form of online presence, but none of that matters if there is nothing good waiting for them at the end of their search.

Home pages should be a pleasant place to be, encouraging users to not only spend time there, but to engage with everything else the site has to offer. Simple but pleasing visuals and descriptive elements help orient users and give them a strong idea of where they are. Elements such as titles, logos, and brief introductions all go a long way.

Be Pleased to Make Their Acquaintance

If you have an informational, or “corporate” website, it’s time to make a proper introduction now that your user knows where they are, and roughly who you are. A resource such as an “About Us” or “Team” page that includes a description of your qualifications, experience, brand story, and team members can help users feel better acquainted with your business.

This is especially beneficial for businesses who do not offer particularly niche services or sell products. Information about your business’s particular values, approaches, or past experience can be immensely helpful in converting hesitant users into eager partners.

Clearly Offer Your Services and Products

One of the primary goals of creating a website is to make money. This can be by selling your services and/or products. Your website needs a quality design and clear UI/UX (User Interface/User Experience) to help guide the visitors to the right place. Be it clear and visible CTA (“Call to Action”) buttons like “Shop Now” or “Read More”, vivid imagery previewing the linked section and a fresh design to keep the visitor engaged and curious to dive deeper.

Be Reachable and Stay in Touch

Finally, a user has found your website, they have oriented themselves on it, and they have gotten to know your services, team, processes and viewed your products on your store. They are impressed with what you have to offer (why wouldn’t they be?) and they want to reach out to you and just want to simply stay in touch by receiving periodic newsletters. Don’t make this step more difficult than it has to be.

Your contact information, including email, phone number, and any relevant social media accounts should be easily found by either displaying them in the header or footer or clearly linking to them. You should give your prospective clients every reason to want to reach out to you, and easy ways to do so.

Include easy ways for visitors to add their email address to receive a news and updates from you. This is an important and proven way to stay in touch with your customers and to remind them of you, your products and/or services. You can display this using a popup or include it towards the bottom of your pages, or even simply in the footer. A catchy tagline is recommended to catch their attention.

In Closing

We share this information out of our genuine passion for web design, and a deep level of care for our clients and their success. We are fully confident in the quality of our work against our competitors’, and you can view our work, if you would like to see it for yourself. Over the years our hard work has helped our clients bolster their online reputation and make meaningful connections with their users and audiences.

The quality of our work has earned us the reputation of a top web designer and one of the top WordPress developers in Los Angeles, and we enjoy using our status to help firms better their businesses. We are also recognized as a top California Web Design Company on DesignRush. If you are impressed with our work, have any questions, or just want to chat about web design, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us! We would love to hear from you.


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