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Website Tune-up

Website maintenance

We can care for your WordPress site.

We offer Website Care Plans which provides a monthly checkup of your WordPress website keeping the website secure, fully up-to-date and backed up in the event of loss of content, as well as periodic reports and support tickets with us.

We'll assist you with incremental improvements to make sure that your website continues to deliver a positive return on your investment.

For a more encompassing solution, we offer a Website Support Plan which offers more immediate support for content and/or design updates, bug fixes and general support. This plan also includes the Website Care Plan, essentially having us be your website "go-to" partner.

Let's start with tuning-up
your WordPress site.

Since we're not familiar with your website, we would need to look "under the hood" and see what type of website you have, how it's been coded, what state it's in and to offer recommendations for improvement as well as 2 hours of dev time to take care of some of them.

This includes:

  • Updating your core WordPress files, themes and plugins
  • Make sure all licenses are up-to-date
  • Evaluating your web host capabilities
  • Running a page speed test
  • Running a security scan
  • Report with all findings and recommendations
  • 2 hours of development work

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Cost: $395 $495

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