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qwiqode Shopify sections

Improve your Shopify store within minutes by installing pre-built section templates. All without hiring a developer!

Our sections are exactly what you've been missing to improve your Shopify store.

qwiqode offers a variety of different types of “code snippets” in the form of sections that can be added to your existing Shopify theme to provide additional and more flexible ways than what your theme provides. They're packed with settings so that you can customize all of the elements.

They are easy to install, without needing to hire a developer. You can do it yourself :). It's just a little copy/pasting.

Sections include:

Some of these may already be part of your theme, but most probably, you’re limited with certain features or styling options. We try to solve that by including a ton of settings giving you the freedom to achieve exactly what you want.

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qwiqode Shopify sections

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