Our Services

We’ve created a wide variety of online experiences. Whether it’s an e-commerce store, an informational website or landing page, a online product customizer or lead generator,
we've been there - from start to finish.

We'll create a strategy to best target your audience, to reach them and to achieve your goals.

We'll create a strategy for your brand.

Website Strategy

Brand Story

  • The Why
  • Mission & Manifesto
  • Origin Story
  • Unique Brand Experience
  • Brand Attributes
  • Brand Perception
  • Immersive Mood Board
  • Brand Persona & Values


  • Brand Voice & Personality
  • Tagline
  • Elevator Pitch
  • Brand Vision
  • Style Guidelines

User Experience

  • Site Audit
  • Competitive Research
  • Define the audience
  • User Personas
  • User Research
  • Wireframes

Creative Direction

  • Color Story
  • Typography
  • Logo design

Art Direction

  • Digital Art Direction/Design
  • Photography
  • Social Media
  • Applications

Content Creation

  • Social Media Strategy
  • Product Photography
  • Lifestyle Photography
  • Copywriting - web
  • Copywriting - social

We build what's needed.

Responsive websites


  • Corporate
  • Informational
  • Portfolio
  • Wordpress websites
  • SquareSpace websites
  • Landing Pages
  • Mini sites
E-commerce Stores

E-commerce Stores

  • Shopify
  • Prestashop
  • Wordpress w/Woocommerce
Unique & Custom Projects

Unique & Custom Projects

  • Online lead generator
  • Interactive games
  • Online product customizer
  • POS Interactive applications

* Of course, everything is responsive to screen-sizes.

We help you grow.

Social Media Marketing

You'll want to get visitors to your site and to grow your business. Aside from applying SEO best practices so that your site is ready to be found, we offer digital marketing solutions, including Social Media Marketing and Email Marketing
that will help you achieve success that
you're striving for.

We'll code your design.

Development/Coding only

If you already have a design ready to go and are only looking for someone to code it, we're here for that as well. Whether you're a graphic or web designer or a business owner who has already hired a designer, we can take the design files and assets and develop the site. It doesn't matter what type of site it is.

We have an eye for the small details, but we'll still work closely with the designer to achieve the desired outcome so that you can concentrate on your business.

Our toolbox.

Since 2005, Studio Umbrella has been working on a wide range of web stuff using various tools and technologies giving us the experience and know-how to handle a variety of projects for any type of client.

  • Shopify
  • Wordpress
  • Prestashop
  • Adobe Creative Suite
  • HTML5
  • CSS3
  • jQuery
  • PHP
  • mySQL
Raincoat™ CMS

Raincoat™ CMS

We developed a reliable Content Management System which can be used for small websites or other custom functionality that you’ll need. We can also add it to existing platforms like Prestashop in order to provide additional control that you couldn’t get out of the box.

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