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7 tips on how to increase leads to your site

The most challenging phase for a business website is to increase and capture leads. It is what makes an online business stable and lays the groundwork for success!

7 tips on how to increase leads to your site

If a business does not have an identity in the digital world, it is non-existent to the consumers. That is how important business websites are today.

Having a website for your business helps to improve your business’ credibility, expands your business, and helps you strengthen your relationship with the online market. Moreover, it helps in building a strong reputation.

In addition to these benefits, a website adds another stream of customers to your business and can attract new ones and increase the leads. Here are the most effective tips that will help you kickstart a smart website strategy to generate leads for your business!

Search Engine Optimization

Search engine optimization, or SEO, is the most effective tool that can help you increase leads on your website. It’s a method that mainly helps in optimizing the content on your site by using descriptive keywords that increases your authority on a particular subject, profession, or industry. This optimized content positively affects your website’s ranking on the Search Engine Results Page – SERP.

The presence of internal and external links to content-rich pages is another SEO technique that helps you achieve a top-rank on SERPs. Maintaining a blog on your website and marketing this content is an integral part of your lead-generation strategy. But there are additional elements to SEO like adding alternate text to images (“alt tags”), ensuring an updated sitemap, avoiding 404 (“Page not found”) pages, and more.

Landing Pages

The landing page is the most important part of your website. It plays a significant role in increasing the leads for any website or online store. Companies that have more than thirty landing pages have a chance of generating seven times more leads than those who have less than ten.

The landing page must contain concise and direct content with high-quality visuals, testimonials from influential clients, and even have a responsive chat system in place to try to ultimately convert them into valuable customers. Having a landing page that fulfills these requirements is one of the most critical parts of an effective website lead generation strategy.

You can also run A/B testing to test different versions of a landing page in order to see what works. Maybe the layout of one is better than the other? Maybe the button can attract more people when it’s designed a different way? Running A/B tests can actually show you what works better.

Make Use of Forms

Forms are an efficient way to generate leads for your business through your website. A smart approach is to post a visible link (“call to action”) to the form on multiple pages of the website which will be easily noticed and clicked on.

Of course, it depends on what the goal is, but in general, it’s vital to realize the importance of conciseness when it comes to online forms - the shorter the forms are, the more online visitors will fill them out. When designing forms, make sure that it asks for minimum information. Another point to consider is to avoid taking personal information on the first step as to not turn the customer off. This could be tricky though because sometimes you just want their name and email in order to contact them. But in general, try to keep them as generic as possible.

Don’t forget to add visual cues that will attract online visitors to fill out the forms. You may use visual cues such as “try us for free” or “get free quotes.” These are enticing phrases that will encourage visitors to provide details and to increase the number of viable leads to your business.

Personalized Calls-to-Action

Placement of calls-to-action is another important factor when it comes to increasing leads through a website. The visitors look for simple and straightforward calls-to-action. If a website makes an online visitor think too hard, it is not a good sign and will perform poorly.

It is important to optimize the CTAs on the website and place them strategically. Instead of going for basic CTAs, the right approach is to use personalized calls-to-action. You should think about the conversion path that you want to lead the customer through in order to easily take action and convert.


With SEO and landing pages in mind, keeping a blog is a very important and effective way to bring in more leads. By consistently telling your story, sharing your expertise, discussing things relevant to your business, products and services, organic traffic will discover on your site - and this traffic  won't be by mistake because you appeared in their SERPs. They searched for a relevant topic and foud you, the expert in the field! 

But you need to do this consistently and then share your posts via social media platforms to get people to notice and read them. The minimum you should be posting is once a week, but of course the more, then merrier. The more content you have on your site, the more you position yourself as an expert and an authority which will lead to more people finding you and trusting you. 

Don't forget to add a call to action at the end of article!

Explainer Videos

Capturing the attention of the visitors contribute to an increase in leads. An explainer video is good way to keep a visitor engaged for a long time.

A captivating video will keep a viewer engaged and educate them while a poorly produced video will negatively impact the lead generation. Therefore, make sure the video you are adding to your website is of the highest quality and contains engaging content!

The Power of Testimonials

Many business websites are missing the most basic element of credibility - reviews and testimonials from former clients and customers. Testimonials hold significant value when it comes to building customer trust and business trustworthiness and credibility.

Testimonials are a powerful marketing tool. You can add testimonials with photos, or even videos, of your customers reviewing your products and services. It will have a powerful impact on visitors by providing   social proof of the success and benefits of your product or service. If you can get these reviews in video, that would be even better. These rich media versions can play a significant role in lead generation for your business through your website. 

Every day, hundreds or even thousands of people might visit your site, but not all are prospects. It takes  effort, optimization, and deployment of a smart strategy to convert the traffic into leads. It’s increasing the leads which is the most challenging part of running a business. By incorporating an intelligent website lead generation strategy, you will be able to increase the leads and expand your business!

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