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What Are Shopify Sections And How Do They Transform Your Shopify Website?

Author: Ronen Hirsch (

Shopify sections are the content blocks built specifically for Shopify themes. They add many customization options to your Shopify store and allow you to present your content in new and exciting ways.

What Are Shopify Sections And How Do They Transform Your Shopify Website?

Adding a new customizable section to the website is a great way to upgrade your store without a major monetary and time investment. Additionally, it doesn’t require as much work or planning ahead as a full website redesign does. With qwiqode Shopify sections, Studio Umbrella’s latest product, you can simply add a content block to deliver your message to visitors in a simplified and efficient way.

There are two types of sections that exist on Shopify websites. Sections can be static or dynamic. Static sections are located in a theme's layout files such as the header and footer areas. Dynamic sections, on the other hand, can be added to your website pages and customized within the Theme Editor. They are the building blocks that make up various parts of your page, and they can be updated and rearranged as necessary.

Theme editor

Dynamic sections can be customized within your Shopify store’s Theme Editor. There you can change the fonts and colors of each section to match the website's overall aesthetic. 

However, our Shopify sections can do so much more than that. They enhance Shopify storefronts by allowing you to add multiple types of content, be it text, images, videos, or a combination of them all.

Some of them are more flexible than others and offer various layout options depending on your website needs. But with many Shopify themes, there are limits on what content can be added to your pages. In some cases, even changing font sizes or spacing cannot be done, and adding highly specific types of content such as comparison tables for displaying different plans or levels of your product or service can be a challenge that requires a custom code solution.

Custom Shopify sections can be added to any website page, including the Home page and unique landing pages. However, the process will depend on the type of theme installed and the installation date. Recently, Shopify upgraded to the 2.0 version, which added many advancements to themes. Qwiqode sections can be used in both versions, but the installation and duplication process will differ. 

You can mix and match various sections on the same page or across several different pages of your shop. They can be customized, rearranged, and turned on and off all within the theme editor, and there’s no coding experience necessary! The installation process is extremely easy, intuitive, and takes just a few minutes. 

Let’s talk about the benefits of using pre-built Shopify sections. Why do merchants and web designers choose them over hiring a web developer for custom website redesigns?

More layout options for your pages

Content blocks can help your website stand out from thousands of other Shopify storefronts. Standard themes indeed do a good enough job of displaying basic information and products, but many Shopify theme-based shops look alike.

Many themes lack content options such as blocks for just categories, products, or even a simple multipurpose text block. Moreover, some of the available sections can only be added to specific pages without an option to place them anywhere else. That is especially true for free and low-cost themes.

Basically, many Shopify themes will help you create a functioning albeit boring storefront. And if you’re looking to create a number of unique landing pages or spruce up your Home page content, you may be out of luck.

We believe that you should communicate your message exactly how you want to. You can improve your website with custom Shopify blocks and have your content presented in a better way. Restructure the “About” section of your store, display products and categories in more interesting ways, and add professional Call To Action blocks.

You are no longer limited by the options given to you by the standard layout of your chosen theme. Qwiqode Shopify sections allow you to create a niche look for your content without having to write custom code.

It’s a low effort upgrade

Pre-built Shopify sections allow you to customize your website with very little work involved. Upgrading your pages with custom sections won’t compromise SEO. And the installation process is straightforward and requires very little time.

And, of course, no changes you make to your website are set in stone. You can adjust your sections whenever you want. Unlike website redesign, these changes won’t require coding experience. The add-on sections can be removed from a page very easily or made invisible for some time without losing your custom settings. This is great for those merchants who tweak their offers frequently depending on the season or holidays.

Pre-built Shopify sections offer a simple way to customize your site; any merchant can set up their storefront how they like it with little to no effort. Shopify makes it easy to start an e-commerce business for anybody, and we make the customization process even more accessible.

Get your pre-built Shopify sections

Faster page load time

Shopify integrates with hundreds of useful apps. However, they are developed by third parties, which means that they rely on outside code and service.

That often leads to slow page load speeds and poor server response time. This is because the code that generates your app-based page content is hosted on another server, and it takes a while for it to load on your website. And timing is of the essence when it comes to loading time: Google’s research shows that the chance of a bounce increases by 32% when a page load time goes from one to three seconds and by 90% when it goes from one to five seconds. Furthermore, if a website takes up to 10 seconds to load, the chance of a bounce increases by 123%.

Plus, pre-made apps may not be exactly fine-tuned for your unique needs. Unfortunately, that often means bloated code that slows your load time without adding any value to your shop.

With qwiqode Shopify sections, you get the code upon purchase. From there on, you can add it directly to the page through your theme editor. Every bit of your customizable sections is hosted on your website, so no third-party servers are involved in the loading process. Additionally, the script is optimized for your unique needs since each section covers a very particular type of layout that you add to your website.

As a result, our sections load faster and perform more reliably in comparison with many third-party-developed apps. This is a huge competitive advantage for your website since the algorithm favors fast-loading websites and uses page load speed as one of the signals of a trusted website.

Low fixed cost

Shopify content blocks upgrade your website at a low and predictable cost. That is unique in the world of Shopify upgrade options. Many apps charge monthly fees and even commissions, and fully custom code upgrades tend to be much more expensive. And while one can’t deny the importance of a quality website redesign when it’s needed, customizable pre-built sections add a lot of value for a much smaller investment.

Customizable Shopify sections are perfect for websites that require very specific improvements, and you have the code forever for that particular website. There are no hidden fees, no monthly charges, and the cost is fixed regardless of the sales volume or traffic. Additionally, we offer a commercial license that enables website designers to use our code for all of your clients’ websites.

Our mission is to offer an easy and cost-effective solution to Shopify merchants and designers. At Studio Umbrella, we know first-hand how time-consuming and expensive the process of creating a high quality Shopify website can be. This is why we offer a ready-to-use solution; our goal is to cut costs and shorten the timelines.

Read the FAQs to see if qwiqode Shopify sections are right for your needs. And if you have any questions about pre-built sections, contact qwiqode, and we’ll be happy to assist you!

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