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Shopify Websites: How to Create Effective Lead Generation

Author: Ronen Hirsch

Getting leads doesn't have to be difficult. Here's a guide on how to create an effective lead generation system.

Shopify Websites: How to Create Effective Lead Generation

Many entrepreneurs today are choosing Shopify websites because they're easy to set up with minimal web experience. Plus, business owners have the opportunity to sell their merchandise or have products drop shipped.

The thing is, all eCommerce businesses need an effective lead generation strategy to get their audience's eyes on their merchandise.

What this means is that it's essential to implement a plan to drive Shopify traffic to your site.

Although there's no one magic bullet to create an effective lead generation system for Shopify websites, the good news is that there are lots of strategies to use.

A carefully thought out plan will include content creation that draws an audience and positions the business as an expert in their industry.

Lead Generation for Shopify Websites 

Knowing your target audience is the most critical piece of information to help you plan your strategy. Age, income, and what they do for work and fun all matter.

Even their location is a consideration. What people buy through Shopify Los Angeles will differ from what customers need and want in New York.

To that end, start by creating a buyer persona to help drive Shopify traffic. Knowing who your audience is and what they need will help you generate content that's useful to them.

Lead generation establishes your brand—it's not about a sales pitch—it's about providing value for the prospective customer.

Not only that, but you'll also establish the business as a trusted source with well-researched posts.

The goal is an exceptional user experience (UX), and the way to provide that is by knowing who you're targeting. 

Make the Site Professional and Easy to Navigate

Shopify websites aren't all created equal. One of the quickest ways to lose a lead is to have a site that's not up to par.

Have you ever visited a Shopify site that didn't have product descriptions, was missing an About Us page, or didn't have a blog? Alternatively, there may be a jumble of merchandise that has no rhyme or reason. 

Don't make that mistake. Prospects will never return if their first experience was a bad one. Or if they feel as if the site isn't legitimate for any reason.

That's why it's essential to create an effective lead generation system by populating your Shopify site with product lines and collections, a blog with comments enabled, and a place for email sign up.

When a prospect lands on your site, they'll see a professional business with lots to offer. If you need some help, it's worth it to find a web design and development company to partner with to get your Shopify business up and running.

Then you can think about all the bells and whistles and produce a site that genuinely meets your audience's needs.

Informative Content Builds Trust

The key to lead generation is consistency. And that means developing a content strategy. Writing blog content is also part of your brand story and the way to highlight your brand voice.

Let's say you have a Shopify site that sells high-end false eyelashes. A natural step for Shopify websites that offer beauty items is to include how-to blog content for lead generation.

This page on Lashify is an excellent example of a how-to article that links to the product for purchase in their Shopify store.

If you've ever tried to attach a pair, then you know that anyone who is trying to put on faux eyelashes for the first (or tenth) time will probably need help figuring it out.

Lashify is giving its audience more bang for their buck. They have a luxury item to sell, and they're also instructing their prospects on how to use the product.

Plus, all those viewers are sales leads.

Blog Articles

We can't stress enough how important blog articles are for lead generation. For one, they illustrate that your company is an authority in their industry. 

Another important factor is search engine optimization. The more relevant articles you post on your blog, the higher ranking you'll achieve. Higher rankings on search engines equal more leads.

Finally, writing blog articles allow your audience to share information with their friends and followers.

Some ideas for blog articles and posts include lists, cheat sheets, tutorials, infographics, and interviews with industry professionals.

The Big Ask

Once you've given the audience some helpful information, then you can ask them to take action. A call to action or CTA inspires the reader to do something like sign up for your mailing list, comment on the post, or buy a product.

Make the ask clear and simple. Above all, don't try to trick the audience into clicking.

Trust is essential.

Using a CTA means you're able to get an idea of how your lead strategy is working when prospects click on a link, that gives your business something to measure.

Email Strategy

Your CTA can also include an incentive as part of the strategy to build your email list. Providing free gifts or discounts is an excellent way to add value to your prospects' experience.

E-books, short webinars, subscriptions discounts, and downloadable coupons all make perfect choices that help your prospects, build brand authority, and create an effective lead generation system. 

Remember to keep the brand's voice consistent throughout platforms.

Get Social

When it comes to lead generation, one of the best ways to get started is by sharing your content on social media. Your audience will be delighted with helpful, funny, and informative posts on Facebook.

Posting those how-to videos on YouTube will generate leads as well.

And you can use Instagram and Pinterest to highlight your products, and entice leads to your website for further exploration. And the best part is that you can automate the whole process.

Find your audience on social media and then listen in to discover what they need. You can use your posts to answer their questions and help them find the perfect products to make their lives better.

Build Shopify Traffic and Make Sales

Making sales has always been a game of numbers. The more eyes on your product, the greater the chance of making a sale.

Shopify websites are user-friendly to build; however, it still takes a strong content marketing plan to generate leads and establish enough trust with your audience to make sales.

At Studio Umbrella, we work with companies that are ready to get to the next level. Are you ready? We're here to help. Go ahead and get in touch today.

You can also download our free guide and take steps to improve your website on your own, right now.

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