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Shopify and WordPress Development for Designers and Web Design Agencies

Author: Ronen Hirsch

Whether you’re a freelance web designer or a web design agency, when the design is complete and approved by your client, you need to have someone develop it and bring it life.

Shopify and WordPress Development for Designers and Web Design Agencies Hire a web development partner
Hire a web development partner

You could do it yourself, outsource the project to a trusted web development partner or hire a full-time developer to join your team.

We all know that doing it yourself (if you know how to code) would take you away from your core focus of creating inspiring designs that help your clients bring their business into the online world and we know that while there are advantages to hiring a full-time employee, the most cost-effective and stress-free option would be to find a partner to handle development of your designs that specializes in web development. 

Especially if you design many sites, this could prove to be an ideal relationship where you’re creating high quality websites for your clients and the development is handed off to a skilled professional.

Through outsourcing the coding of your designs, you can retain your focus on design while still delivering complete projects to your clients. This results in a lower cost to deliver equal or better quality projects since both you and your outsourced development are only doing the tasks they specialize in. 

Continue reading to learn more on how outsourcing the development of your web design projects benefits you and your clients.

Advantages of Outsourcing Your Web Development

Higher quality websites

Let’s face it, even if you might be a good coder, it’s tough to specialize in both design and development. Believe me, I’ve been there. 

You want your projects to excel in the quality of both design and development which requires an expert in each facet. 


Hiring an outside development company can help lower the cost of developing your designs by allowing both parties to only take on the tasks they specialize in. You won’t have to deal with the responsibilities and extra overhead of employing a full-time developer either and work on a per-project basis. 

Additionally, as a freelance web designer, you can simply provide the cost of development to your clients as quoted by your outsourced web developer. So, not only are you saving your time spent developing your clients’ sites and providing technical support, but you also save time when it comes to quoting your projects.

As a web design agency, you can maintain your focus on designing client sites without the burden of providing technical support either. Sure, you may be the point of contact with the client, but it would still help you reduce your full-time staff to just designers and other business functions and forward the client requests over to them. 

By having your development outsourced, your costs are directly related to your projects. So, during slow times you’re not paying developers without work, and during your busy times, you’ll always have enough labor to complete every project.

Streamline Web Development

Hiring a top-level web developer outside of your internal team can speed up the launch of your clients’ websites. In any business, time is crucial. So, by providing your clients a fast turnaround time with the help of a regular web development partner, you’re bringing huge value to your clients.

We, at Studio Umbrella, are focused on the design and appreciate high quality design. When developing websites, we take every pixel seriously. We also have a design background so we see all of your intentions and do the utmost to handle them during this process. This saves you lots of time of QA.

Less Management

When you hire web developers outside of your internal team, there is no need for you to manage them. Web development agencies like us take care of it. Although we will still need your input from time to time to ensure they fully understand your clients’ scope of work, the manager ensures that the code gets executed accordingly. As a result, you can keep your focus on client relations and the design and user experience as well.


Hiring a web development company indicates hiring a high level of expertise to build a fully functional and unique website according to your exact design. They have all the knowledge when it comes to the latest technological standards for building websites ensuring a high level of security and a high-performance site. It is also their goal to ensure that your website can be compatible across every platform, including mobile phones and tablets. 

Tips for Hiring a Web Development Agency as a Freelance Designer or Web Design Agency

The rapid emergence of new technologies in the web development space makes it extremely difficult for those focused on design to provide their clients with the latest web development standards. After all, a web designer’s priority is to provide high-quality designs that provide intuitive navigation and promote their clients’ products. They are not and should not have to also focus on the latest tech stacks or technical solutions.

So, without a focus on web development, how do you find a top-quality web development agency you can outsource your development tasks to?

Determine all of Your Requirements

Before partnering with a web development freelancer or agency, it is imperative you understand the requirements of your clients. This allows you to set criteria on the type of services and expertise you need from a developer. 

Assessing your current workflow of prospective clients can help you determine what traits you need from your web development partner as well. Make sure to let them know the type of websites you create and the core functionalities you provide to your clients.

Look into the Testimonials

What better way to determine the performance of your prospective partner than its customer reviews? Along with the company’s established portfolio, the testimonials allow you to know the quality of services they offer. After all, it only makes sense to confirm their credibility in the industry before you proceed to partner with them.

Communicate Your Pricing Preferences

Before you decide on the web development agency you want to partner with, you first need to ensure their pricing fits with the typical budget of your clients. It is important to be straightforward with your prospective partner on your average client’s budget and how much of that budget you can allocate to web development. 

This ensures all of the fees of your prospective partner to deliver a complete project will fit into your clients’ budgets. At this time, you can also ask your prospective partner about the technical support they offer after launching a website. Some companies offer ongoing maintenance and technical support to fix bugs and errors during the initial release while others do not so they can keep costs as low as possible.

Partnering up is benefical

Partnering with a web development company can be your stepping stone to provide more value to your clients while also streamlining your success as a web designer. Studio Umbrella partners with freelance designers and web design agencies of all sizes taking their designs and bringing them to life for their clients.

By partnering with us, you can ensure you always deliver your clients high-quality, pixel-perfect, and responsive websites exactly the way you design them.

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