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Freelancer or agency: Who do you choose to create your website?

What are the benefits of choosing either one and what you should expect from them.

Freelancer or agency: Who do you choose to create your website?

When looking around for professional website design and development services, you are encountered with the question of whether to work through an agency or with a freelancer, or an independent designer/developer.
It’s a legitimate concern to have where the decision is based upon a number of factors that are unique to you and your business.

What are the pros and cons of going either way? Can a freelancer handle the size of website that I need or the “complex” functionality that I require? Is a freelancer professional and dependable enough to provide these services? Can an agency provide me with the personal attention and service that would make this process more beneficial and productive? What (or who) can I afford and what will give me the best value? These are all great questions that many have asked themselves.

Benefits of choosing a freelancer

  • Direct communication between client and designer/developer and not through project managers, etc.
  • What you see is in the portfolio is what you get. You know that nobody else created those works and will feel confident of the quality.
  • The client receives personal attention and care, with a quick response time.
  • The cost is usually cheaper than agencies because of the low overhead.
  • Changes and revisions to the design or the development are done quickly and exactly as intended.
  • You speak with the owner, the manager, the designer, the developer and the billing department at the same time! Concerns or requests don’t get “lost in translation”

Benefits of choosing an agency

  • They have a proven record of providing professional services
  • They give the impression of being stable and established
  • They have multiple professionals that each have their own speciality
  • Can handle large scale projects

Is there somewhere in the middle?

Who do you think studio umbrella is? Are we a big agency or is it just me, Ronen, a freelancer? By looking at the site, it seems like studio umbrella is an agency who provide web design and development services. They design the websites, they do the coding, the can provide SEO services and more. Is this even possible to do by one person?

Well, I’ll tell you a little secret. It’s me and one other designer. I/We lie in the sweet spot somewhere in the middle, where the freelancer provides the same quality, dependability and professional services that one would expect from an agency but provides all of the great benefits of a freelancer.

So don’t get turned off or discouraged by the fact that we/I am/are can’t provide your business with a great looking and perfectly functioning website or that we may be out of your budget range.  Give me/us a shot and you won’t regret it!


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