Why is Wordpress Website Maintenance Necessary?

Thinking that your website is safe from cyber attacks is a widespread misconception.

Often, website owners don't place maintenance as one of their priorities.

They may have a small site or don't think anyone would have a reason to attack it...

But, if maintainance is ignored, and various security measures aren’t taken, websites become a prime target for malicious attacks.

There are 3 important tasks that should be performed...

1Wordpress core & plugin updates

If you don't update WordPress core and all installed plugins, your website gradually becomes less secure and unstable. Also, it might not be performing at the level that it should be.

2Ongoing security measures

The WordPress platform is secure. But that doesn't mean it is invincible. There are various ways to help protect your website by way of plugins and settings.

3Regular offsite backups

If your site is hacked or goes down, having a backup offsite can save you from the time and costs of fixing the site or even starting from scratch.

Your Site Should Be Maintained To Keep It Running Smooth

These tasks can be handled on your own, but do you need this extra work on your already busy schedule?

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