Why Website Maintenance is Crucial

for your Wordpress website

Keeping your website looking and functioning properly, performing optimally and generating leads and sales for your business should be a priority
for you.

Maintenance is
necessary for a successful website

Just like with any machine, your website requires up-keep in order to continue to work properly. By having regular oil changes on your car, you avoid parts breaking down and the engine failing.

can’t take care
of themselves

If there are problems with your website and customers take notice, they usually won’t stick around. Surely you don’t want your initial investment in creating your website to go to waste.

Benefits of
Website Care & Maintenance

Regular maintenance helps keep your site live and online, running fast and smooth, and continually offering your products and presenting your services in the best way possible.

Plus, your site remains secure, fending off attacks from hackers and you’ll always have a backup in case catastrophe strikes.

Our Website Care Plan Workflow

→ Backup
→ Update all software
→ Check for errors
→ Scan for broken links
→ Fix any errors
→ Check website
→ Backup again

++++ 24/7 performance and security scanning
++++ Daily & weekly backups

You could do it yourself...

Keeping your website maintained on your own is a possibility, but it could cost you more than you think, including so much time that you should be spending unning your business.

It’ll cost you more to fix
any issues

Just like with your car, it’ll cost you more to fix the damage caused by not changing the engine oil then to actually take the car in for an oil change on a regular basis.

Better to let an
expert handle this.

Would you maintain your own car if you didn’t know what you were doing (especially if your car is generating revenue for you)? Have a web professional properly handle these crucial tasks for you.

Take care of your site today!

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