RevisitYourSmall Business

Take a look at your site and see where you can make it better because better = growth

Think aboutUser Experience

  • Look at your website from a first-time visitor's perspective
  • What do you want them to see first?
  • How would you like them to perceive your business and your products or service?

Keep yourTarget Audience

  • What are you looking for on your website?
  • Why did they come to you, and not your competitor?
  • How can you make your products/services appear more relevant and essential to their lifestyle?

ImproveSEOto get more traffic

  • Do your product descriptions, URLs and page titles contain descriptive keywords?
  • Do your images have descriptive 'alt' tags?
  • Do you have a blog that contains keyword-rich content?

DeliverValueto createLeads

  • Are you giving your customers ideas and reasons to buy your products?
  • Focus on benefits and not just features
  • Interesting blog articles can highlight your quality and offering

Make sure your website is Respon

  • Does the content fit clearly on any device?
  • Are buttons big enough for a finger to tap?
  • Is text large enough to be ready easily?

Test theSpeedof your site

  • Optimize your images and videos to load fast.
  • Get rid of any 3rd party apps and extensions that take time to load - if you need them, maybe there are better solutions out there.
  • Abandon sliders and other redundante functionalities that don't work too well or don't add value.

Is your site
WorkingFor You

Designing your website with customers in mind is the right away to boost your sales and could make or break your business.