What are
301 Redirects

And how they can help your website?



What is a Redirect?

Redirects allow for users and search engines to be taken to a different URL than they originally requested. Without redirects, a webpage would not be available under more than one URL address.



Why are Redirects Important?

They allow for a company to still have online exposure even if a page is broken, inactive, or under maintenance so customers AND search engines are directed to the updated content.



Your SEO and
ranking will

You can improve your SEO by writing and posting about your products often.



and SEO

Redirects greatly improve SEO if they're done correctly and redirect a page to a completely new URL without losing rankings or domain authority. Poorly implemented redirects can result in a loss of organic traffic or rankings.



Implementing Redirects for Site Migrations and Redesigns

In order for site migrations or website redesigns to run smoothly, all previous pages need to be directed to the new location. If not, important pages may not be found.



Don't forget to Redirect!

You don't want your pages to get lost.

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