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The Power of UX and UI in WordPress

Author: Ronen Hirsch

Check out this article on everything you need to know about UX and UI in a WordPress Site. See how it can change your business.

The Power of UX and UI in WordPress Is user experience in the supermarket good or bad?
Is user experience in the supermarket good or bad?

Whether they're shopping online or in your store, your customers matter. Before you can give them your full attention, however, you need to know what they need, right?

In your store, that means organizing your products on the shelf.

Online, it means something else entirely! Instead of organizing items on shelves, you need to organize your content so everything is easy to find. 

According to recent studies, a well-designed user interface (UI) could increase conversions by 200%. Meanwhile, a better user experience (UX) could yield conversion rates up to 400%!

With Studio Umbrella, you can improve your UI and UX for happier customers (on and offline). Want to learn how? Keep reading to learn everything you need to know about UI and UX!

What is UX Design?

UX, or user experience, is all about how the product feels to the end-user. It involves how your customers interact with your website. Sometimes, that includes their emotional response, too.

At Studio Umbrella, we consider all aspects of how your customers interact with your content. Improving user experience improves your customer's satisfaction with your products or services. When improving user experience, we consider usability, accessibility, and pleasure as users interact with your site.

This can include:

  • How buttons appear
  • The feel of a button click and how it animated
  • How a button animates when clicked on
  • Navigating down a page
  • How long it takes for page elements to load
  • The process of navigating from page to page

To improve a customer's user experience, UX design uses a five-step process.

First, our team at Studio Umbrella considers the user's needs and how they're currently achieving their goals. This stage focuses on empathizing with the user. We consider their pain points or areas where they struggle most before achieving a goal, such as making a purchase or filling out a form. 

Next, we find the most impactful areas of the customer's user experience. That way, we're able to target and solve the most urgent issues first. 

Then, we brainstorm ideas on how to solve these problems. Once we've narrowed down the options, we create and test prototypes of each fix. Testing these solutions allows us to gather feedback to determine which work best.

From there, we test it all out by making informed changes to your prototypes. 

The process of UX design on WordPress websites takes a few tries. By making these improvements, customers will have an easier time exploring and using your website. As a result, they'll have an easier time converting into a lead or, better yet, a paying customer.

What Is UI Design?

UI, or user interface, involves the physical and technical elements that help people use your website. For example, controls, buttons, and icons can allow users to further explore your content.

Our UI designers at Studio Umbrella design layouts that communicate what the UX designer has intended. That includes the typography, icons, and other interactive elements that help people navigate and use your site.

A good user interface allows visitors to use your website in intuitive and efficient ways. Otherwise, they might feel distracted by unnecessary site elements. By updating your UI design, you can provide customers with a clean, efficient website. 

The Benefits of UX & UI Design

44% of shoppers will tell their friends about a bad online user experience. Meanwhile, 88% of online shoppers won't return to a website after a bad user experience. By improving your website with UX-focused design, you can improve your brand's reputation and increase conversions. 

Successful user experience and design will give your company a competitive advantage, too!

Many companies are falling behind with design trends. Websites that are outdated neglect the customer's needs. By updating your website, you're prioritizing customers, even when your competitors aren't.

Updating your website with UX and UI design will help you stand out from your competitors. As you stand out, you're also more likely to retain your customers.

Plus, people remember bad experiences from good ones. With a beautiful, intuitive, easy-to-use website, you can encourage people to use your website and keep using it. 

Remember, customer retention is essential. Instead of spending time and money finding new customers, you can save money and time by retaining customers. 

A well-designed Studio Umbrella website will help increase conversions, too. 

An easy-to-use website encourages people to complete forms and make online purchases. As people interact with your website, they're also improving your clickthrough rate and dwell time. At the same time, they're helping to give your search engine rankings a boost!

By optimizing your website for search engines, your site will rank higher on Google. With a higher ranking, you can attract more website visitors and paying customers. A higher ranking will improve your brand credibility when you rank above your competitors. 

By investing in UX and UI design, you're showing customers you care. You're also cutting down on development costs by creating a WordPress website based on what your customers need. Then, can avoid wasting resources and improve your ROI instead!

Implementing UX & UI Design on Your WordPress Site

There are a few ways we at Studio Umbrella can update your WordPress website for UX and UI design.

First, we can optimize your website for mobile devices. Google indexing mobile-optimized sites first. By optimizing your site for smaller screens, you can improve your ranking and attract new visitors. 

UX and UI design can also optimize your website for navigation, typography, and personalization. 

Improving your website's navigation will make it easier for people to find what they're looking for. Meanwhile, better typography makes it easier for people to read your content. Lastly, personalizing the user experience will help you connect with customers and encourage visitors to convert on your site. 

Studio Umbrella: The Power of UX & UI on WordPress Sites

With Studio Umbrella, you can update your WordPress website with the latest UX and UI trends. Otherwise, you're falling behind the curve. 

Don't let your competitors attract your would-be customers.

Instead, start updating your site! Contact us today to get started!

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