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Landing pages: Aquiring new users and increasing sales with one simple page

Author: Ronen Hirsch

Creating effective landing pages is essential for the success of an ad campaign.

Landing pages: Aquiring new users and increasing sales with one simple page Landing page for teckquest.com
Landing page for teckquest.com

Most companies who have products or services to sell need to market them in order to reach their audience and acquire as many people as possible to grow and expand their business. This is achieved by creating ads of all kinds, which include Facebook ads and posts, Twitter tweets,  Instagram images, Google Ads and more.

But the ad is only the first step. There is another step to actually acquire the visitor which is to create the landing page on the company’s website or separate domain. The user clicks on the ad which directs him or her to a specific page with more information which either makes or breaks the entire campaign.

This landing page needs to be direct and to actually describe to the user why he or she clicked on the ad. It needs to display the deal, the offer, the new product or service and the reason why the company “asked” you to click on the ad in the first place The second objective of the landing page is to keep the user curious about the company’s products and/or services and to want to find out more and explore other parts of the site.

These pages can include whatever is necessary in order to acquire the user:

  • A signup form for a newsletter or a service
  • A contact form to request additional information
  • A page highlighting a special sale with a call-to-action button which leads to a specific product to buy
  • Detailed information about the product or service
  • A video describing the product/service
  • A discount code for future purchases
  • And more….

So when working on a marketing campaign in order to drive sales, acquire new users, and to gain popularity, don’t ignore the importance of an effective landing page or mini-site to close the deal.

See some of the landing pages and mini sites that we created.


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