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Design Trends in Beauty Industry Websites

When running an online business, overlooking the significance of website design isn’t a good strategy.

Design Trends in Beauty Industry Websites

The e-commerce sector is rapidly evolving. Every year, newer and better website designs, templates, and advanced features hit the market. With such a rapid evolution of websites, the demands of the consumers are also changing at a fast pace. When running an online business, overlooking the significance of website design isn’t a good strategy. The aesthetics of the website, along with its UI (User Interface), are significant contributors to the overall UX (User Experience). A satisfying UX is what helps you increase conversions and sales on your online store.

Website Design Trends in the Beauty Industry – Clean. Minimalist. Sophisticated.

In the beauty industry, we cannot ignore the crucial role that aesthetics play in the overall business growth and improving sales. Running an online beauty store means you need to attract customers with a sense of elegance and style.

For the majority of the people shopping for cosmetics, skin, or haircare products, the look of a website is an important factor when they’re choosing a brand to make a purchase. For that reason, businesses in the beauty industry have to a lot of focus on website design.

If you are an online retailer in the beauty industry, you need to adapt to all the latest trends because it’s what your consumers expect. A ‘clean’ website design that features a minimal elements has always been a trend in beauty industry. This simplicity actually hints at sophistication of the brand and the product. There’s no need for too many elements that actually weaken the overall impact the website has.

Simple UI and Clean Layout

No matter which era we are living in, a simple UI with a clean layout has always been a trend in the online retail industry - simplicity and elegance are the necessary and that’s exactly why you need to have a website with a simple UI and layout. The simpler a UI of a website is, the more traffic it will attract and the more conversions will generate (not too mention the faster it will load)!

Bold and Beautiful

As website designs are evolving every year, a site featuring a flat design is no longer associated with simply using white on most of the site but rather, we’re seeing more bold colors being used. The use of such vibrant colors can help in uniquely creating a memorable experience and guiding the consumer to take action. But of course, the design ultimately needs to follow the brand’s identity in order to be recognized and represented.

Micro Animation

These are small animations that can beautify a website and make it visually satisfying. Using an elevated design is an essential factor in attracting customers to an online beauty store. So micro animation is one way you can enhance the look & feel of your online beauty store.

Micro animations can be small movements of buttons when the mouse hovers over it, icons that have slight movement to get attention and invite interaction and they have proven to improve the UX as these animations can be used to give online shoppers a taste of what they are purchasing – which is a quality product.

Thumb-Friendly Mobile Navigation

Along with a responsive website, there is another factor that you need to pay attention to, which is “thumb-friendly” navigation. Most of us hold our phones by wrapping our fingers around the back of the phone, and use our thumb to do the work. Therefore, if you are looking for user-friendly web design, make thumb-friendly navigation an integral part of the design. Having buttons more easily reachable with your thumb, for instance.

If you want to increase the sales and generate higher organic traffic to your e-commerce beauty website, you must work on improving the aesthetics of the website. You need to have a beautiful website to accelerate the sales of your beauty products! If you're looking to design (or redesign) your e-commerce store for your brand, reach out and get a quote!

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