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9 Advantages Of Custom-Designed Websites For E-commerce

Author: Ronen Hirsch

Creating e-commerce websites has become so much easier over the past 10 years. But is it worth it for you to do it on your own?

9 Advantages Of Custom-Designed Websites For E-commerce

With so many site-building services out there, it is cheaper than ever to start an e-commerce business, with no coding experience necessary. However, people who are serious about their business choose to work with agencies that professionally design custom sites.

Here are 9 reasons why custom-designed websites are the way to go for your business:

A wider range of functionalities

Most pre-built themes are OK for an average e-commerce business, but are they good enough specifically for your business?

Custom design gives you so much more to work with. You’re not limited to the generic functionalities of the default theme, and your code is not cluttered with features that you have no use for.

Additionally, you depend less on 3rd party apps or plug-ins (which could slow down websites) to cover missing functionalities. Instead, web designers will work with your unique business needs to create custom code to make your website faster and more responsive.

Higher SEO ranking

A custom-designed website loads quickly and is accessible and responsive. As a result, your site is ranked higher by Google and other search engines. Your website will get more search traffic over time, which will result in more revenue and brand recognition.


No one builds a website just for the sake of having a website. Your site is one of the most impactful tools of your business. Just like a unique business card, it should reflect who you are as a company and describe to your visitors what you do. A custom design will fully reflect your brand in a way that no generic theme ever will.

Your brand is not just a combination of colors and fonts. Professional branding reflects the spirit of your business and addresses your marketing objectives. All of that should be communicated through the website layout, structure, navigation and the overall vibe that makes sense for your business.


Creating a generic pre-built website is easy, but how do you make it stand out amongst millions of other “average joe” websites? Having a custom design solves that problem entirely. Not only an agency-designed site will address the needs of your business, but it will also look like no other site on the web.

Better user experience

A cookie-cutter approach won’t do when it comes to user experience. Every business has a unique target audience that has distinctive habits and preferences. Tailor your website structure and look to what your visitors need, and you will see them convert into repeat clients!

Innovative solutions

There are multiple benefits to partnering with a web design agency when it comes to creating a custom website. Professional web designers are up-to-date on recent developments and innovations in the industry. They are aware of the trends and best practices and are happy to create unique and inventive solutions for your business needs.


You can learn to code, or research the latest trends, but it takes hard work and years of experience in the industry to really understand website design. As a business owner, you already have your plate full of your business needs and customer service. Why add another (very big) item to your to-do list?

Let professionals take care of your website and use that time to focus on what really matters - your business.

Tweaks and customizations are done right

There are a lot of factors that influence website performance and sales statistics such as conversion rate. It includes the quality of copywriting, the visual aspect (colors and images), the layout of the product page, etc. If your website is brand new, you will need to test and see what works best for your business.

The website agency can do that for you as they already know what to look for and what the industry standards are like. There’s nothing like the guidance from professionals when it comes to starting from scratch and not knowing what to expect.

Technical support and maintenance

Partnering with the agency that built your website helps with the upkeep of the website from the get-go. They already know your site and the code, and you’ve built a relationship with them during this process.

Remember that once the website is designed, it needs to be maintained. Your database changes every time new content is added, new sales are generated and new visitors are added to the customer list. A new backup copy of the site should be created regularly. Your agency will take care of this crucial task for you.

Our care plans also include regular malware checks, database optimization, security and uptime monitoring, and other services depending on your needs. These features help you run your e-commerce website smoothly and allow you to have a plan if something goes wrong. It is yet another thing that you won’t have to lose your sleep over since professionals will be taking care of it.

Start your e-commerce business the right way by working with us to design a well-built responsive website that is created specifically for your business’s needs.


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