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7 Benefits to Starting and Maintaining a Blog on Your Shopify Website

Author: Ronen Hirsch

If you do not have a blog for your Shopify store yet, then you’ll want to start one. There are many benefits to having a blog for your business. Content marketing can mean a lot of good things for your store, so you do not want to miss out.

7 Benefits to Starting and Maintaining a Blog on Your Shopify Website

What is a Blog?

A blog is a “web log” or a collection of articles on the internet. A website will usually have a focus on one main topic. In your case, this would be about your Shopify store or anything relating to your business and products.

It’s a great tool to add more valuable content to your site, position your business or brand as an authority in your industry and attract more customers to your site.

There are so many different blogs out there. You should be able to find tons of great examples when coming up with your own for your store. This is why you should make a blog for your Shopify website.

1. You Get to Tell Everyone About Your Products

Product descriptions do not have enough space for writing detailed information about your business or brand. You don’t want to overload your product page with a lot of text in order to make it easy to add the product to your cart so having a blog gives you the chance to talk to your audience and explain everything you want them to know.

Many customers today use the internet to research products before they buy them. If they can not find anything useful online about your products or services, they may choose not to buy from you. However, if you can provide them with a wealth of information, they will feel more confident and comfortable making a purchase.

2. Your SEO will be better and ranking will rise

Search engine optimization (SEO) is important for any Shopify store. SEO is what popular search engines, like Google, use to determine if a link is relevant and useful to what a person searched for. If you have better SEO, then your blog and products will appear in many search results - leading to more sales.

You can improve your SEO by writing and posting about your products often. This is why maintaining your blog is beneficial, since you want your content to be considered “evergreen” in the search engine.

In short, if you want your business to be found, blog posts optimized for relevant keywords can help a wider audience discover you.

3. It Gives Your Brand More Personality

Running a blog can be a great way to bring a unique personality to your brand. You can write your posts in a unique voice or cover niche topics- anything creative that you want to try out is good!

If you want to offer your audience a “behind the scenes” type of deal, then you can do this through your blog’s personality. Long term customers will be interested in learning more about the products that they love.

4. Engagement Builds Communities

If you want to have a community surrounding your Shopify store, then you will want to get your audience engaged. Communication is a great way to start building a bond and a blog is a great tool to accomplish this.

You can add a comments section so that people add their thoughts and ideas which can trigger a conversation.

5. Blogs can Boost Sales

If someone enjoyed reading about your product, they are much more likely to purchase it. One way to help ensure this is to include a call to action at the end of your blog post. For example, write something along the lines of “Be sure to check out our product if you’re interested!” as the final line can help.

You will also want to include a link to your product in the call to action as well, making it much easier for your audience to find your goods. Once you have a strong collection, you can also link to other articles in your posts.

6. They Let Others Know You’re an Expert

A well-written blog post lets your customers know that you are an expert on the topic. If you keep your topics about things relating to your products- then that shows that you have authority in that industry.

When your audience can see how informed and how reliable you are through your blog, they will trust you more. Trust is important, as it can often lead to the customer being loyal to your brand. If you want to make consistent sales, then this is extremely important.

7. Blogs are Always Growing

You will want to make the most out of any marketing effort, including blog posts. Luckily, your blog will be able to change and grow as your company does.

This makes it worth investing in starting one for your Shopify store since you do not need to worry about the blog staying the same if your website drastically changes. There is no commitment to being locked into a topic or design theme.

How Long is a Good Post?

Blog posts can be as long or as short as you want them to be. You do not need to feel like you have to write 4,000 words every time you want to make a new post. Two main types of blog posts will help you determine how long yours should be.

A long-form post is more like a full article. They offer a lot of information on one topic and should include pictures to help break up the walls of text. Otherwise, your viewers might start to get bored. They are amazing at presenting a ton of detailed information.

If you want to write a lot about your business then go for it! This can show how dedicated you are to your brand, let your customers in on information, and show that you know a lot about the topic.

Short form blog posts are designed to be concise and easier to read quickly. They might even just be a list of tips or some important announcements that you think would be important for your customers to see.

You can include videos with them to help interestingly portray the information. The short form usually refers to a post that is 500 words or under. To explain further, a lot of social media posts can also be considered short-form blogs. They are great to get your message about your store out there where your audience can see it.


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