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4 Reasons to Rebuild or Redesign Your Shopify Website

Are you wondering when the best time to rebuild your online shop is? Well, if you are looking to completely redesign your site, you will want to start sooner rather than later. After all, the last thing you want is to be improving your store when peak retail season hits.

4 Reasons to Rebuild or Redesign Your Shopify Website

So, we would have to say that now is the perfect time to upgrade your Shopify website! There are many reasons why this can be beneficial to any business. Plus, if you plan on updating from a similar platform like Magneto or Woocommerce, these reasons can apply to you too.

Websites that are updating consistently tend to have the most visitors since the layout is refreshed and creates curiosity of what’s new, the site could load faster giving a better experience and new features and functionality provides more ways to make a sale. 

So here are 4 reasons why you should rebuild your Shopify website:

1. Work on Optimization

There are many reasons to optimize your site. If your store’s page is unoptimized and slow, it might cause annoying problems for customers. If that were to happen during your busiest seasons, then you might notice a drastic decrease in sales when your numbers should have been going up. 

If you rebuild your Shopify website, you can work on creating a better-optimized website. Your customers will appreciate the speed of the webpage and you will not have to worry about the site crashing and cutting into your sales numbers.

If you are having trouble with running your business smoothly on your current platform, Woocommerce for instance, switching to Shopify can be beneficial to you as it offers many simpler options and management tools for running the store. There are many programmers out there that are familiar with the “Liquid” script that Shopify uses to run their sites and can help make changes to existing themes to make it more unique to your brand and business goals.

If your website isn’t responsive and optimized for mobile devices, then converting it to be as soon as you can would be for the best since mobile traffic consists of over 50% of total global online traffic.

In short, if you don’t work on optimizing your site, you might run into problems down the line. You would not want this to happen on a day where you would otherwise make a lot of sales.

2. Make Your Design More Consistent

Redesigning your Shopify website gives you a chance to make the design more consistent throughout the site. If you are not a designer yourself, then you can find a web designer to help you through the process.

Marketing is essential to creating a thriving Shopify website. Do not forget that the design of your website is a huge part of your marketing. Utilizing UX fundamentals and user flow will assist in increasing your sales and conversions since a thought out and intentional design greatly improves the quality of your site. So, if you are not completely happy with your website’s current layout and appearance, then you will want to consider updating the design.

You always want to consider the users before you start redesigning a site. What do they expect from your brand? What are they looking for? What features would they like to see? You will always build a better site when you consider the needs and wants of your users.

If you are running your business on a different platform, but are unsatisfied with the design, then switching to Shopify can make all the difference. It is easier to create a website that your customers can use without difficulty since they can find what they are looking for quickly.

3. Add New Features

When updating your website, you can also take some time to add in those new features you were thinking about, but could never find the time to implement them. 

One new feature that can greatly help improve the shopping experience for your customers is using a wishlist. Customers can then visit your shop and save the items they like for purchase later, instead of forgetting about them. This also gives you a chance to have them sign up for notifications (i.e. newsletters) from your business, reminders of the items that they saved, if they added items to the cart, they can get “abandoned cart” notifications as well.

Many extra features like this are available in Shopify apps, but some things are better implemented without apps so you could hire someone to implement your unique ideas. Having features that other stores do not have makes yours stand out and be more successful. 

However, you will not want to simply cram a ton of new features onto your website. This can hinder loading times and cram unnecessary information on the site. If your current layout does not have room, you will need to work on redesigning it to fit everything that you want.

4. Your Current Version is Cluttered or Hard to Use

Finally, you will want to redesign your Shopify website if it is cluttered or difficult for modern devices to run in its current state. Older designs often lack a lot of the features users today expect from an online business.

If you are unsure about how visitors react to your website, you can always have some people test it for you. Getting feedback is valuable in knowing what you can do to improve your Shopify website. 

If you have been avoiding making changes to your website for the last few years, now is the perfect time to upgrade it. Web pages can become out of date very quickly- as a business owner you will want to stay on top of the new trends, designs, and features in order to keep your website appealing.


Those were some of the most important reasons as to why you should rebuild or redesign your Shopify website. You always want to focus on the experience that your customers have when shopping with you, so considering what they want in an online shop can be very helpful.

Every business owner these days runs a good portion of their store through the internet - and the number is growing. If you have been putting off updating and making changes, it can be hard to have an old site compete with ones that are constantly updating.

If you need help or advice on what can be done with your online store, please don’t hesitate to contact us today! We are ranked as a top ecommerce web design agencies.

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