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10 Ways to Boost Ecommerce Sales Fast

Author: Ronen Hirsch

Here are some ways you can boost e-commerce sales fast and increase your revenue.

10 Ways to Boost Ecommerce Sales Fast

Attracting new customers and building a strong online presence are the primary concerns of e-commerce websites. Online retailers need to keep updating and designing new strategies to increase conversions and sales as it is the most crucial aspect of running a store online.

Even though platforms such as Shopify websites have made it possible for everyone to build an e-commerce store, not all can run an online business successfully! Setting up a website is one thing, but bringing in the traffic and increasing conversion rates is an entirely different story.

It is common for online retail stores to experience deteriorating sales and conversion rates, yet the key is to stay patient and design a smart strategy that can boost the sales of your store.

Managing an E-commerce Business

If your online store is not generating the desired revenue, it is time you revisit your business strategy. The world of marketing is evolving, and staying up-to-date is a fundamental requirement for all online retailers. Here is a list of the most effective ways that will give an edge over your competitors and boost sales! 

A Simple User Interface

The simpler a website UI (user interface) is, the more customers will return to shop at your store. A complex UI makes it difficult for online shoppers to navigate around the website, which leads to bad user experience (UX). It takes just a few seconds for an online shopper to leave a website so if the customer finds the user-interface complex, they'll leave. Make sure the user interface is simple, attractive, and easily navigable.

Responsive Web Design

We live in a digital era, where a smartphone can control anything and everything. From ordering food to booking a hotel, a smartphone brings the entire world just a touch away. Retailers need to offer their customers a responsive web design that functions perfectly, regardless of what device a customer is using to access your website. The page loading speed, a compatible UI, and easy navigation are the factors that keep an online shopper on a website. Responsive web design addresses all these factors and increases conversion rates.

Use Social Media Platforms to Your Advantage

There are thousands, if not millions of online retailers that make up the e-commerce community today, which creates a tough competitor. Linking your website with social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram are what can help your business increase conversion and sales. More than 20% of the entire world’s population has profiles on social media platforms such as Facebook.

Address the Problem of Cart Abandonment

The mini-heart attack you get when a visitor abandons their cart without purchasing is something that all online retailers have experienced. The disappointment is real. One way to boost e-commerce sales is by minimizing the number of abandoned carts. Work out a strategy that can persuade a visitor to complete the purchase. You may use discounts or for free shipping (which very often is the main reason). Additionally, you can set up an email sequence via Mailchimp or Klaviyo which will automatically send an email, along with the cart, over to these customers to remind them.

Improve the Website Ranking on SERP

If you appear on the second or the third Search Engine Results Page (SERP), you probably don't exist for your potential customers. So you need to improve your website’s rank on the SERP. SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is one way you can improve the ranking. Optimizing the content using keywords and using internal links to eliminate any dead-end from the website is important for every website. The crawlability score is a significant factor that contributes to the overall ranking on the SERP.

To improve the ranking of your website, you must work on both the content and the technical elements!

Implement Live Chat

Engagement with visitors plays a significant role in increasing sales and converting the leads into customers. Implement live chat and try to engage all visitors. It can help you engage with the shoppers, which in result, improves the conversion rates.

Focus on Remarketing

A mistake many online retailers make is that they focus on customer acquisition strategies instead of customer retention. In times when the sales are deteriorating, the company must emphasize on remarketing strategies. In such crucial times, your old customers can significantly help by coming back and purchasing new products since they already know and appreciate you. Alongside marketing your business to new customers, businesses must focus on their remarketing strategies.

Instill FOMO among shoppers

When talking about converting the leads into customers, creating a sense of urgency can play an important role. Adopting the Fear-of-Missing-Out strategy makes a customer act fast. It even reduces the number of cart abandonments. You can add a timer for special deals, include "Limited time offers" to increase the urgency, free delivery for a specific time interval, and limited quantities are ways you can instill a sense of urgency among your customers.

Showcasing the Most Popular Products

A significant number of online shoppers don't really know what they are looking for when browsing through your store’s catalog. By showcasing your top-selling products, you provide a direction to the shoppers and help them make their minds. The number of visitors that just scroll through your products and leave will significantly drop when you showcase the most popular products.

Make Use of A/B Testing

If you are determined to increase conversions and sales on your website, you need to stay up-to-date. Having an insight into the performance of your website can help you improve on the weaker areas. A/B testing provides you with the details you need to improve your website. It allows you to try out different layouts and/or messaging to see what best works at creating these sales or leading the customer where you want them to go.

Running an e-commerce business in such a competitive environment while increasing your sales demands efforts. The key is to have a website that is not just user-friendly but is utilizing various strategies to increasing revenue! Contact us today to discuss how we can help you grow!


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