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Creativity is intelligence
having fun.

- Albert Einstein -

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Creativity is intelligence
having fun.

- Albert Einstein -

Our Latest Projects

Why us?

Studio umbrella has years of experience creating high quality web design and development. All of our projects are guided by a strong sense of meticulousness and precision and are apparent in any platform that the user experiences it – whether it's on a smartphone or tablet or the good 'ole desktop computer.

And the client doesn't need to worry about managing the website – our Raincoat CMS is installed alongside the website giving him or her an easy and intuitive tool to do it.

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Our Services

We’ve created lots of different types of projects. Whether it’s a website, a unique online bike builder, an ordering and distribution system of documents, a flash-based, stadium scoreboard and control system and many more!

Types of projects that we love to create:
• website design and programming of all types
• unique browser-based applications
• flash/actionscript related applications
• interactive presentations
• Branding and design for print
• and we're eager to add more to the list!


Lots of Experience

Since 2005, umbrella has been working on a wide range of projects using a variety of tools and technologies giving us the experience and the know-how to handle any type of project for any type of client.

Staying up to date with latest technologies is vital to produce the perfect website.

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Raincoat™ CMS

Raincoat™ CMS

Over the years, Umbrella has developed a CMS (Content Management System) that is tailored specifically to the clients needs making updating the website easy and efficient. It is intuitive, user-friendly and accessible from anywhere including from your smartphone or tablet and has no useless buttons that clutter the interface. We take pride in providing our client the best possible way to update his or her website at his or her own convenience.

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